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August 8, 2008 Everett 6 Tri City 1

BUHNER BUZZ NIGHT - Jay Buhner's autograph is on the Aquasox page of the scorebook

What an amazing game baseball can be. You just never know what you're going to see when you go out to the ballpark. Take this Friday night game for instance. With 2 outs in the bottom of the 8th (the Aquasox last at bat) the Frogs were leading 4-1 and the Aquasox had left 12 men on base during the game. Not really that remarkable until you notice that they also only had 1 hit in the game. ONE hit and TWELVE men left on base! YOW!

Not really much to report on the game other than that peculiarity.

The game started off with Scott Robinson hitting a lead-off home run for the Dust Devils - it was to be the only run that they scored in the game and one of only 3 hits.

Anthony Phillips lead off the bottom of the first inning with a single to left and then was immediately caught trying to steal second. Bradley McAtee, the starting pitcher for Tri City, had a walk, a strikeout, and hit a batter in the first inning. Then things fell apart for him. At the start of the second he walked Nunez on 4 pitches. Then he walked Tenbrink on 4 pitches. Then he walked Dotel on 4 pitches. Then between the 4 balls he threw to Gillies to walk him, he threw 2 wild pitches to score two runs. Then he walked Phillips on 5 pitches (he got a called strike on the second pitch of the at bat) - but he also added another wild pitch to let a third run score. Mercifully, he was replaced by Murphy after throwing 21 pitches in the second inning - 20 of them balls and only 1 strike.

There was only one hit by both teams combined in the second through seventh innings. The Dust Devils didn't have a hit after a gift single in the second when Kenn Kasparek, the Aquasox starter, was slow covering first to allow Derek Kinzler to beat him to the bag.

In the end the Dust Devil pitchers walked 14 batters and hit 2 others. They did strike out 14 Aquasox hitters. The Frogs had 3 hits after getting a couple in the 8th inning to score twice.

The Aquasox pitchers struck out 11, walked 4 and gave up 3 hits.

A pretty bizarre game...

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