Thursday, July 17, 2008

July 15, 2008 Eugene 7 Everett 6

Not really much of note in this game between the Aquasox and the Emeralds. Walter Suriel was the starting pitcher for the Sox and he threw in the low 90s (I saw one 93mph fastball). Tyson Bagley (6'8" 250#) started for the Emeralds (he also was throwing 92 or 93mph and has an ERA of 1.83).

The Aquasox pitchers got a bunch of strikeouts (16 in the game) - Suriel struck out 11 in 5 innings, walked 2, and gave up 6 hits (5 of them for extra bases!) that resulted in 3 runs. Pretty good pitching. He gave up two home runs in the second inning when he struck out the side.

Brandon Fromm made a nice diving play on a ball to his right in the 7th inning.

Javier Martinez, after giving up a single and a sacrifice to start off the tied up 9th inning was asked to intentionally walk the next batter (Robert Blauer) - his first pitch was wide and over a leaping Travis Howell to go all the way to the backstop, so the runner on second moved up to third on the wild pitch. That's something you don't often see...

The hotshot new arrival Dennis Raben went 0-5 with two strikeouts (one on a curveball and one on a fastball). The Aquasox have a nice bunch of hitters at the top of the lineup right now though - Kevin Reynolds (.371), Dennis Raben (.375), Travis Howell (.324), Nate Tenbrink (hitting for power if not for average - .217), and Brandon Fromm (.292).

The Aquasox defense looked better with Bennett Billingsley at second and Anthony Phillips at short. Solid, but nothing spectacular.

The Aquasox manager Jose Moreno was thrown out of the game (for the second consecutive night) when he argued a strike call that ended an Aquasox threat in the 8th inning. Seeing that 16 of the Emeralds has struck out, it didn't appear that he should be too unhappy with the umpires calls during the night - but that one hit a cord. Moreno refused to leave the dugout and more yelling between him and the umpires ensued during the 9th inning.

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